Personal Credit

DIY Credit Repair

The truth is, there’s nothing a credit repair company can do to improve your credit that you can’t do for yourself. Save your money, no need to pay a credit repair company monthly fees to work slowly on your report. No need to pay a credit repair agent hundreds or thousands of dollars to remove negative items you can remove yourself. Buy our DIY personal Credit repair packet today and take back control of your finances.

Dreamers DIY Packet Outline

  • Understanding the Credit Bureaus
  • Understanding your credit report
  • Breaking down credit report for disputing
  • How to block or put a freeze on the small credit agencies.
  • Dreamers Customized Dispute Letters
  • 5 months customer service from our team
  • How to Remove negative accounts, collections, student loans, repos, charge offs, and late payments.
  • Inquiry removal
  • 100K Business Credit leveraging your personal credit.
  • Much more

Bad credit makes many things difficult, impossible, or even more expensive. We all know that banks check credit scores before you can buy a house, lease a car, rent an apartment, get a credit card or any type of loan.

We understand this that’s why we created this DIY Credit Repair packet. If you’re already in debt, why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for credit repair when you can easily do it yourself. In addition, after repairing your credit if your interested in starting a business our customer service team helps you leverage your personal credit to get up to $100K in business credit that will not show up on your personal credit report.

We have already helped thousands to self repair their credit and start new. Here’s your chance and your not alone. Our customer service team is only an email away to help answer any questions during the process.